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Sara le Blanc, PhD
Founder & Coach

With a PhD in psychology and 10+ years of experience in Corporate, Sports and Academic performance psychology, I have helped elite athletes, business leaders, organizations, and teams perform in high pressure situations. I am committed to providing coaching and other services to enhance human potential. My extensive background includes bespoke program design, facilitation, teaching and assessment for clients across Canada, US & the UK.


As a certified MTQ48 and MBTI practitioner, my consulting skills extend to teaching advanced leadership development tools that can be used by companies to enhance team building, resilience and communication skills among employees.


Coaching and consulting:

Work with organizations & individuals to help improve leadership capabilities, build teams, and manage high pressure performance situations, developing their mental fitness capacities such as the ability to manage pressure, optimize focus, build confidence, and work as a high performance team.


Workshops and Presentations:

Facilitate workshops and presentations pertaining to Emotional Intelligence, Managing the Demands of Leadership, Human Development, Teambuilding, Time Management and Effective Leadership Performance Under Pressure, Developing Mental Fitness for the Workplace and Developing High Performance Teams.


Companies I have worked with include Public Service Commission, FYi Doctors, New South Wales, Standards Australia, Endeavour Energy, Nova, BOC Australia, Surbiton Hockey Club, IMG Academies, Oxford University, Roehampton University, Australian College of Applied Psychology, Bendelta.

International experience includes Performance consulting in USA, England and Australia, and

teaching post-graduate and undergraduate courses in Canada, Australia and England.


Contributed to profession by working on more than 30+ publications including textbook on emotion regulation and applied intervention techniques for Oxford University Press that was Highly Commended at the recent, BMA Book Awards.

Academic Publications



Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents, (2017). Edited by Essau, C. LeBlanc, S. & Ollendick, T. Oxford University Press. 


Encyclopedia Entries


Rumination: Treatment, (2017). Uzun, B. LeBlanc, S. Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, SAGE.


Substance Related Disorders, (2014).  Uzun, B., LeBlanc, S. & Essau, C. The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology, Wiley Blackwell Publishing House.


Research Articles


Uzun, B., Ferrari, J.R., LeBlanc, S (2018). Put Aside Procrastination: Positive Emotional Outcomes from Self-Forgiveness for Delays. North American Journal of Psychology, 20(1), 171-186.


Leblanc, S., Uzun, B., Pourseied, K & Mohiyeddini, C. (2017). Effect of an Emotion Regulation Training Program on Mental Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study, Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 67, 108-23.

Book Chapters


LeBlanc, S., Bauer, S. & Mohiyeddini, C. (2014). Expressive Writing and Health. In C. Mohiyeddini (Ed). Advances in Psychological Research on Health Behavior. (pp. 23-38) New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Mohiyeddini, C., Bauer, S. & LeBlanc, S. (2014). Individual Difference in Trait Rumination and Health. In C. Mohiyeddini (Ed). Advances in Psychological Research on Health Behavior. (pp. 1- 22) New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Mohiyeddini, C. & LeBlanc, S. (2013). Mindfulness and Emotions. In C. Mohiyeddini, M. Eysenck & S. Bauer (Eds). Handbook of Psychology of Emotions. New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Mohiyeddini, C. & LeBlanc, S. (2013). Psychology of Sports: Definitions, Topics and Trends. In C. Mohiyeddini (Ed). Contemporary Topics and Trends in the Psychology of Sports. New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Mohiyeddini, C. & LeBlanc, S. (2013) Group Cohesion. In C. Mohiyeddini (Ed). Advances in the Psychology of Sports and Exercise. New York: Nova Science Publishers.


International Conferences


13th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Kuching, Sarawak, (2018).

10th Procrastination Research Conference, Chicago, IL (2017).

ACE2016 Conference, Osaka, Japan, (2016).


34th World STAR Conference, Faro, Portugal (2013).


8th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (2013).

IAC World Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, (2013).

Education Credentials

Heart of Coaching Delta Lab, Vancouver, Canada                         2018

     Transformational coaching conversations to build a high-                performance culture.


Mental Toughness Questionnaire 48, AQR, Sydney, Australia, 2016

  • Implementation of MTQ48 to increase self-awareness and leadership skills.


Navigational Conversations Envision Group, Calgary Canada


  • Enhancement of core coaching competences to develop effective leadership skills.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator Psychometrics, Vancouver, Canada


  • Implementation of MBTI to foster team building and enhance leadership skills.


PhD in Psychology. Roehampton University, London, England


  • Dissertation centered on effectiveness of newly developed stress-management training.

  • Program significantly lowered depressive symptomology, stress and anxiety while increasing wellbeing and performance with lasting effects (1 year follow-up).


MSc., Biology, Behavior & Health. Roehampton University, London, England


  • Thesis focused on group dynamics, addressing team cohesion and competitive anxiety with an elite sports team.


Diploma in Sports Psychology. Open College, London, England


  • Studied mental training strategies for athletes in order to deliver high performance results.


BSc, Biology. University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada


  • Studied Biology with emphasis on Human Behavior and Wellness.

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